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Aug 4, 2018

If you are experienced or new to commentating we do not mind!

We are looking for commentators across our ILRF1 Xbox tiers.

We average well over 1000 views weekly on our channel from our live streams. Commentators are a key cog in the wheel and bring races to life. When you commentate you are also representing the league.

If you an aspiring commentator or looking to finally take the plunge, ILR are always on the look out for new additions to the team.

For Season 4 on F1 2018 (Starting late September) we will be looking for NEW commentators for our tiers. (All time UK)

Fridays from 7.30pm

Applications and submissions are always open. This season and more importantly next season.

If you're interested in commentating, we welcome experienced comms and newbies. There are however a few requirements -

Commitment to commentate for a full season to that tier. (we do appreciate people might be away 1-2 race weeks)
Clear speaking English and a good quality microphone
Internet speed strong enough to stream in at least 720p on twitch or if possible our Youtube Channel
Professional approach to commentary and knowledge of F1 racing and the circuits.
Be prepared to do solo commentaries.

If this interests you please leave the following details -

Name -
Gamertag -
Twitter username -
Internet speed test (Upload & Downloads) -
Available Friday (7-9pm) to commentate -
What would make you a good commentator for ILR -
Link(s) to any previous commentary you have done (If applicable) -

Aug 13, 2018
You'll never know...
Name - Thomas Northfield
Gamertag - F1XL scar III
Twitter username - @LE_scar_III
Internet speed test (Upload & Downloads) - 41.7 & 3.14, however I am in the process of buying an ethernet cable to boost this
Available Friday (7-9pm) to commentate - Yes
What would make you a good commentator for ILR - I am well informed about the tracks, braking zones, gear for corners etc. plus I'm getting better at starts... a lot better.
Link(s) to any previous commentary you have done (If applicable) - I have no actual links but last season here and TWRL last season


Sep 4, 2018
Name - Samuel Vodden

Gamertag - SV NitroHeart

Twitter username - SamuelV13 (@_SV13_)

Internet speed test (Upload & Downloads) -
Download: 14.8mps upload:9.2mps

Available Friday (7-9pm) to commentate -Should be able to every night. (Will inform in advance if I can not attend)

What would make you a good commentator for ILR - I have good understanding of all the 21 tracks on the calender (and more) this includes, real life events and how they will possibly effect the drivers of ILR, + the challenges the drivers have to face before the race start.

Link(s) to any previous commentary you have done (If applicable) - twitch.tv/thesv13 (all streams are in 2222kps) 720p

(Apologies on the latest video, it was the games fault the stream died and therefore it had to be in 2 stream parts.)
Aug 13, 2018
Name - Jess
XB1: plymjess1995
Twitter username - JessGames95
Internet speed test (Upload & Downloads) - 36.10mbps Download and 6.92mbps Upload
Desired league you wish to commentate - Any tier on Xbox :)
Available evenings (6-9pm) you can commentate - Friday I am available :)
What would make you a good commentator for ILR - I know a lot about F1 and have been an F1 Fan since 1997. I have been watching the r.l 2018 season very actively and know the different strategies that the cars have to face during the race. I am also very enthusiastic, passionate and can make my commentaries interesting and lively. I am used to doing both solo comms and duel comms, so I know if the comm lineup changes, I can handle it. Also with my previous experience with AOR and ILR, I am able to help people new to commentary as well as improve on my own comms.
Link(s) to any previous commentary you have done (If applicable): AOR XB1 F2, AOR PCARS2 GT3 Leagues, Filling in for one ILR2 race and one ILR3 race.
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