At ILR we are always striving to grow, improve and give the best experience to our Esport drivers on and off  track. With the introductions of trophies, constant graphic updates, website management it all costs money.

Based on current figures, prizes amd graphics being created we are looking at seasonal increases in our expenditure.

Any help and support would be most welcomed. Any questions on how it is spent, please get in touch with @ILRleague


Personal message from ILR Owner – 

With the increasing expansion of our successful PS4 and Xbox  tiers it will come a tipping point where I personally cannot cover every tier. This coupled with planned expansion onto PC in the future too. This would mean increase graphic designs, website management and of course more money spent.

Donations here or purchases via the ILR official shop all help the ILR cause and all greatly appreciated. I know most of our drivers and fans are under 18 so financially constraint, but that’s fine. I’m never asking or forcing them to pay money. Its never about that.

Myself as owner (Jack Gooding) would never pocket this money for my own benefit, i don’t need it. Its for the ILR and to only optimise its potential and future. Yes I have chosen to dip into my own pocket ,but I think its what you guys as drivers deserve. Blood, sweat and a lot of tears go into this and want to repay the faith, any help would only help my personal spiraling costs in the league, which I am going to continue to pay. I have faith in ILR and I have faith in the drivers, the commentators and admins.

This is totally optional and will by no means give drivers any preference or first choice in any matters.  I don’t believe in the idea of a premium membership plan for leagues, its not fair on drivers that can’t afford it, it causes a unfair segregation. That’s why after speaking with admins and a few of you I believe optional donations are the way to go. If every driver donated £2 the leagues costs would be covered for 12 months and no doubt I would spend even more on you guys..Driving experiences or even F1 tickets.. If you have any questions on the matter I’m happy to answer them.

We are forever expanding at the moment meaning more resources being spent. We are now researching on possible sponsorship to help accomodate our growth. But in the mean time any contribution is beyond helpful. 

Please help if you can 🙂