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Each race week GingerAndy96 will take you on a track guide as one of our drivers powers round 1 of the 21 tracks on the calendar in 2018

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All ILR events are live streamed when possible, and our YouTube channel contains full race replays and highlights from many of our leagues. It isn't possible without our dedicated commentary team at ILR, who provide 1st class commentary and entertainment to our viewers. 

ILR Commentary team:
- @GingerAndyF1
- @evildragonxxl
- @_Soupcooler
- @JBCommentary
- @AlexLillyart
- @TheAlimonda
- @LE_scar_III
- @JackGoodingF1
- @JessGames95


Latest ILR1 Xbox Race

Season 4 | Round 10 - We head to Silverstone as the drivers reach the mid way point of the season. Suprize has been unstoppable so far this season. Can Limitless, Simon or OMG_its Jo do anything about it? Commentary from GingerAndy96

Latest ILR1 PS4 Race

Season 4 | Round 10 - Our PS4 drivers head to the home of motorsport - Silverstone in what can only be described as the most frantic, unpredictable race of the season so far. Sunshine and showers all race! Which tyre was best? VSR_Blizzard respond and maintain his excellent early season start? Commentary from GingerAndy96 and Gaming Alimonda

ILR Twitch

View our live stream right from ILR TV! If we are live, you can watch below. We broadcast our top Xbox Tier every Friday evening - 7.30pm GMT