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Each race week GingerAndy96 will take you on a track guide as one of our drivers powers round 1 of the 21 tracks on the calendar in 2018

About ILR TV

All ILR events are live streamed when possible, and our YouTube channel contains full race replays and highlights from many of our leagues. It isn't possible without our dedicated commentary team at ILR, who provide 1st class commentary and entertainment to our viewers. 

ILR Commentary team:
- @GingerAndyF1
- @Graham_Chapple
- @_Soupcooler
- @JBCommentary
- @JessGamer95
- @TheAlimonda
- @TM_Rapidz
- @JackGoodingF1
- @AlexLillyart


Latest ILR1 Xbox Race

Season 4 | Round 18 - Drivers head to COTA, American for what should be.. and we know is a crazy race. We have 4/5 cars wide through certain moments of this Grand Prix, with nobody yet in holiday mode with only a few races left! Commentary from GingerAndy96

Latest ILR1 PS4 Race

Season 4 | Round 19 - Our PS4 drivers fight it out in Mexico city as we reach the final closing races of the season. Its a full wet race start, dangerous conditions and the forever guess work of when to pit onto Inters.. Will there be some suprises? Commentary from GingerAndy96 and Gaming Alimonda

ILR Twitch

View our live stream right from ILR TV! If we are live, you can watch below. We broadcast our top Xbox Tier every Friday evening - 7.30pm GMT