Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations


Formula 1

All F1 leagues and races are short qualifying with 50% race, this includes mandatory pit stops.

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP – The Formula One World Championship driver’s title will be awarded to the driver who has scored the highest number of points, taking into consideration all the results obtained during the events which have actually taken place.

The title of Formula One World Champion Constructor will be awarded to the competitor who has scored the highest number of points, results from both cars being taken into account

Points for both titles will be awarded at each Event according to the following scale : 1st : 25 points 2nd : 18 points 3rd : 15 points 4th : 12 points 5th : 10 points 6th : 8 points 7th : 6 points 8th : 4 points 9th : 2 points 10th : 1 point

1 Wolrd Championship point will be issued to the driver who managed the fastest lap in the Grand Prix and also finishes in the top 10.

If two or more constructors or drivers finish the season with the same number of points, the higher place in the Championship (in either case) shall be awarded to : a) The holder of the greatest number of first places. b) If the number of first places is the same, the holder of the greatest number of second places. c) If the number of second places is the same, the holder of the greatest number of third places and so on until a winner emerges.

Each tier will have permanent reserves that will take full time role if a driver decides to leave during the season. Reserves can score points all season for themselves but won’t count towards the constructors. The reserve driver carries over these points when he makes the switch to full time.


Race Settings

PS4 –

(18 min) Short Qualifying & 50% Race

Dynamic weather

Equal car settings

Parc Ferme Rules – ON

Formation Lap – ON

Vehicle Damage – Full

Strict Corner Cutting | Regular Corner Cutting for ILR7

ERS Manual | Auto allowed for Thursday Tiers

Tyre temp simulation – ON


Pit assist off

Race Starts – Manual

Assists- ILR1 Line Only | ILR2 Line Only & ABS | ILR3 Line Only , ABS & Med TC

Thursday tiers – All assists allowed (except pit and brake assist)


Xbox –

(18 min) Short Qualifying & 50% Race

Dynamic weather

Equal car settings

Parc Ferme Rules – ON

Formation Lap – ON

Vehicle Damage – Full

Strict Corner Cutting

Tyre temp simulation – ON


Pits assist off

Race Starts – Manual

Assists – ILR1 No Assists | ILR2 Line Only | ILR3 Line Only | ILR4 Assists allowed (except pit and brake assist)


Driving Rules

(Though written purposely towards our F1 leagues the follow rules and regulations below applies for all various categories of league racing within ILR. We will add in specific details about various games/ car class racing if required.)



Please use your head during qualifying and respect other drivers on flying laps, please leave enough room and stay off racing line if you’re on a in/out lap. It is your own responsibility to find free space on the track when starting a flying lap. A car on a flying lap does not have to yield for a faster car approaching from behind. Do not DNF on track, retire in pit lane.

Any driver during qualifying anyone spotted gaining an advantage through corner cutting will be expected to abort their hot lap or at least lift off the throttle considerably. 4 wheels off the track is corner cutting – regardless if the game gives you a warning or not.

If you have been give corner cutting warnings on your quickest qualifying lap, you will be liable to time penalties being added to your final race time for that race weekend. You are expected to back off if you receive a warning on your hot lap. Drivers are free to appeal this decision if they have video evidence. We don’t want to use strict corner cutting in some of our tiers rules as it feels it ruins the quality of the races. Please don’t take advantage of this.

In qualifying, it is not allowed to deliberately crash your car in order to destroy the tyre set you would have started with upon qualifying in the top 10. If you happen to accidentally crash out and ruin your starting tyres, you must start the race on a different set of the same compound of tyre.

If the lobby is to crash after qualifying loading into the race, drivers must ensure that if they qualified in the top 10 they must start on the tyre compound they set their fastest lap on ( depending on weather conditions i.e wet start or wet qualifying and dry race etc) when a new lobby is created. If drivers start on a different compound they will be DSQ from the race immediately.

Going AI/ Ghosting – DO NOT DO THIS. At any point on track do you retire or press options button for menu your car does not ghost. This includes during qualifying, Formation lap, VSC and SC. Do not do this. If you do want to retire in the race or during qualifying drive car back to pits and retire. Anyone guilty of this going forward will receive a instant Qualifying ban. This can lead to crashes and blocking drivers during qualifying.


Formation Lap

Drivers have to stay in grid formation, on track and act accordingly. Any obvious miss behaviour can result in penalty points. Drivers are prohibited from going AI during the formation lap. Please stick within 10 car lengths of the car in front, falling too far behind will be penalised if it’s a persistent issue.


Race Start

If you jump the start, you are expected to then immediately stop, and only begin again when the five lights go out; If you jump it and proceed to overtake a bunch of cars, you will likely be given an additional penalty If you gain a start advantage on the others (most notably from a game desync), you are expected once again to use your head, and only begin when the cars on correct starts move away. You may be DSQ for overtaking multiple cars from this.


During the Race

Drivers are expected to finish the race out of the points or not. DNF/DNS go against your records and is reviewed every 7-10 races. DNFing due to wing damage early on in the GP is not a valid excuse. If your car is running you’re expected to finish the race. This doesn’t look good on the league or yourself if there are fewer runners. If drivers have failed to finish 50% or more races after the half way point of the season (10 races) you at risk of losing your seat. We are entitled to remove you from your seat at any time.

Race cleanly at all times. Contact is against the rules and F1 Racing etiquette, do you best to ensure you leave enough space for another driver and avoid making contact.  Accidents can happen, but if you are at fault for causing a collision, you are likely to be penalised.

Going AI/ Ghosting – DO NOT DO THIS. At any point on track do you retire or press options button for menu your car does not ghost. This includes during qualifying, Formation lap, VSC and SC. Do not do this. If you do want to retire in the race or during qualifying drive car back to pits and retire. Anyone guilty of this going forward will receive a instant Qualifying ban. This can lead to crashes and blocking drivers during qualifying.

If you have an accident on track with a car or force a car off/ complete a move on a car by track extending or aggressive driving (making contact) you are to slow down and let the car re-overtake you. If you fail to follow this rule, you are likely to receive a harsher penalty by the stewards if the incident is reported after the race.

Defending from car behind – Excessive weaving and blocking is strictly not allowed. When defending from another car, choose a line on the track and stick to it, no double movements and no moving in the braking zone and make sure the attacking car has sufficient time to react to your movement. Also leave a car width of space.

If you were to cut a corner to carry faster speed into the following straight, you would not be allowed to attempt an overtake on that car ahead until after the following corner. If the game asks you to concede a place, because you have illegally gained a position, only do this if it is safe to do so; it is important you do not cause a dangerous situation because of it.

Do not cause a dangerous situation by backing off and going very slowly as a result to avoid queuing up in the pit-lane.

At no point during the race are drivers allowed to ghost/go AI, this can cause issues and crashes while racing with other drivers, especially behind the Safety Car. Exception is made if connection is lost.

No cars are to retire on track. Please return to the pit lane before retiring.

Desync/Netcode issues – Drivers please be aware the game is not in the greatest place right now. Make sure to not get too close to another car when in the slipstream. Try and avoid contact as best as you can too, the slightest of taps can lead to big accidents due to the game desync.


 SC Rules

Dangerous driving under a safety car will be punished. Drivers should respect those ahead of and behind them. While the safety car is out, drivers should give at least a couple of car lengths room to the car ahead. You should not overtake or concede positions under the safety car. Under the safety car, you should keep within 10 car lengths of the car ahead of you (includes safety car).Do not go below 30 Mph at any time under the SC. No sudden or dangerous braking.

Under the safety car, braking on straights is only allowed if the car behind is a good distance back, and that no dangerous situation is caused because of it. Never deliberately slow to let a car through under the Safety Car, as this may affect other racers with in-game penalties. When the safety car is called into the pit-lane, you are expected to stay above 30 mph at all times, unless the game prevents you from doing so, or a dangerous situation causes you to go slower.

Never go AI (Press options button under SC) this can cause issues with what car to stay behind and asking to overtake, ghosting and brake checking.

If you are a lapped car under SC and placed between the leaders when the SC is about to end, drivers must at the quickest but safest oppotunity get off the racing line and slow down to a safe place to allow the field to pass.


Team Orders

 If any of you are in an Esports team, team orders should NOT be a thing within a league race. Your only team is that in the same constructors car as yourself. If we see any further blatant team orders/ backing off, allowing others to pass then block other drivers then we will removed you instantly from the league or chose to ban that team to race in ILR. You sign up as a driver as an individual and the only team that should be in play is with whoever is in the same car as yourself. This is not an esports team event competition.


In Game rules and Penalties 

If during the race or qualifying the game has awarded you an unfair time penalty, you can apply for a penalty removal to the stewards. This is done via sending POV footage and description of what happened. Stop – Go’s and drive through already served during the race will not be taken off.

If you feel the game has unfairly disqualified from the race, you can submit your footage to the stewards for review. If we feel that the disqualification was justified, it will remain. However if we feel that the disqualification was clearly unfair, or a game glitch, then you will be classified as finishing and score points accordingly.


Blue Flags

When you are issued a blue flag, you are about to be lapped by the lead car(s).When being lapped, it is your responsibility as a driver to let the leaders through safely at the earliest and safest opportunity, without blocking them.

If you are going faster than a car that has lapped you, do not attempt to unlap yourself unless it’s a safe environment and room to do so. If there are lead cars battling while trying to unlap yourself do not attempt to overtake as they are on the lead lap.



We run a reprimand penalty system in which a driver will receive up to 5 reprimands before being black listed for the season.

Once a driver reaches 5 reprimands and an official warning on their license, they will be 1 incident away from being suspended from the league and will then have to reapply for a new license for the following season (at least a two race suspension must be served). If you are at clear fault or obviously hit someone off the track you are liable up to 2 race ban or minimum qualifying ban for one incident. This is not fixed and will depend on each individual incident.

Reprimands / warnings are reset to 0 for a new season, unless you pick up some in the last race of the season in Abu Dhabi.

It’s up to the discretion of the stewards whether a time penalty added to final race time or a qualifying ban to be served for the next race. This is because it is felt that the driver in question would likely qualify towards the back of the field anyway, or because a time penalty would serve more justice than a qualifying ban.

Penalties given out by the game during a race may be taken off afterwards, providing the driver involved has proof or support from the league host that they did no wrong. Drive-through and stop-and-go time penalties will not be taken off however, unless the league host believes it to be a special circumstance (such as the penalty deciding the championship).

If a driver is constantly involved in incidents over consecutive races, then the penalty they will receive will becoming increasingly severe. This is a penalty model for failing to improve and in turn highlight it to the driver.

Example of this being used – 10 sec pen in R1 for causing an incident, same happens week after – Quali ban. In turn it happens for a 3rd Race – official warning with 2 Quali bans. If this continues with incidents, poor driver etiquette then race bans will be handed out followed by expulsion.


Stewarding/ Incident Reporting

Anyone who wishes to report an incident must do so within 24 hours of a race ending by submitting footage to our forum. Incident reporting must include, clear POV in-game footage, description and driver(s) involved.

Depending on the incident, the penalty might put in place for race just taken place or for the next race. No footage of the incident means no action to be taken.

If the steward team’s requests a drivers POV so they can investigate a incident and the driver cannot provide it, the driver will be penalised by 10 seconds for next race. Happens again – Quali bans and formal warnings will be issued. Stewards require footage to do their job and to come to the fairest result.

Drivers have 24hrs hours from steward’s request to provide footage. Failing to will mean penalties as mentioned above.


How to Report an Incident

All incidents must be reported by 2pm (UK time) next day.

To report you must do the following for it to be officially recognised by the steward team, failing to do so will mean it will not be looked at as the steward team need to be given correct information at the time of the investigation;


Race/Round –

Driver(s) involved – Gamertags & twitter @

Description of the incident (include what lap of the race and what went wrong from your POV) –

Link of in game POV (link has to be available on Youtube or Twitter and must not be taken down until the investigation is over) Mobile devices used for filming or using race broadcast as proof won’t be accepted. Footage provided must be on incident only and not a full race POV, this time consuming for stewards.

Above is the template all drivers must you when submitting an incident, if the incident is to remove a penalty or any other miscellaneous then we appreciate that there might not be drivers involved.


Race Disconnections\Lag

The race director, who will be the host unless stated otherwise, acts like a referee, and holds the final say on what happens if there is a mass-disconnection during a session. These rules are what we expect the race director to stand by.

If 25% (must be a minimum of at least 5 people) or more drivers disconnect during qualifying and are unable to re-join for the race, the session should be re-started. If the qualifying session does not reach the final five minutes, then a full 15/18 minute restart will take place, but if the session has reached the final five minutes then a shorter qualifying will take place (one shot qualifying).

If there is a mass disconnection in the race, Race Director will decide on appropriate action. These are depending on the amount of disconnections and how close to full race distance. If the race reaches over 50% completion then he is obliged to take final position of drivers lap before final disconnection and half points will be awarded to the top 10 drivers.  However the option to re-race remains. There is no fixed ruling on mass disconnections and the appropriate action will be taken at the time.

It’s an unfortunate aspect of online racing that having a stable connection is critical to being able to race closely with other cars. While we understand that not everyone can have a perfect connection, and that occasional lag can’t be avoided. If you are lagging, and close to other drivers please concede the position and move off the racing line. Inconsiderate lagging drivers will be penalised as it can ruin other driver’s races. We reserve the right to remove a driver from the league if their connection is persistently causing major issues for other drivers.


Unable to Race\Attendance

If you are unable to attend a race, you have to give notice for your absence no later than 3 hrs before the race starts. This is done by informing the league organiser or the Race Director for that race weekend your situation by sending them a private message. It is your responsibility to make sure they receive your message.

When informing the league coordinator or tier admin of your absence, you are obliged to give a valid reason you are not racing. This will be kept confidential between us and the driver. Just saying you can’t race will not be accepted as a reason and will be marked against you. If you inform us of not racing less than 3 hours before the race you will be expected to race.

If you have 2 no shows in a row without informing the admins you will be removed from the tier and blacklisted for minimum rest of the season. More information on leaving the league mid season can be found under ‘Miscellaneous’.

DNF /DNS ratio – We will be keeping a close eye on drivers failing to turn up or finishing a race. Seats will be reviewed every 6/7 races. Example – First 6 races a driver doesn’t finish 4-5 of those races he could be under review for losing his seat.

We were seeing too many DNF’s in all 4 leagues last 3 races of the season and needs to improve. Retiring due to a damaged wing is not a worthy reason, if you have to retire for whatever reason do it in the pit lane. Do not do it on track as it doesn’t look good on stream.

We expect all drivers to complete Grand Prix’s. If races hasn’t gone your way and find yourself at the back of the field it doesn’t entitle you to DNF or retire in pits. When you sign up to a season with us, you’re expected to compete in at least 80% of the races (17 in a season) and also finish these races.

If your car is in working order, you are expected to finish the race. 50% of the races you take part in are expected to finish. This will be reviewed half way through the season



It is your responsibility as a driver in the league to keep up to date with all news, events, and any race changes with a racing season. ILR admins make sure all group chats are notified and even go beyond this at times to message you all individually. So please remember that group chats are for ILR news mainly so we can inform you all.

APPEAR ONLINE! Lobby hosts have a tough time as it is sending invites out, please make sure you’re appearing ONLINE on PSN and Xbox. Too many drivers are appearing offline and missing invites.

1 PSN/Xbox gamer tag for the season – we appreciate that drivers are joining eSports teams and creating new PSN/Xbox accounts. But this causes headaches for us admins and lobby hosts, while also lack consistency in the standings. So once league line-ups are confirmed drivers cannot change theirs for that season and hosts will invite the list given to them when the driver joined the league. This will be strictly enforced going forward. Make sure you have the correct gamer tag.

If a driver fails to show up for 3 consecutive races then they can be replaced by a reserve for the remainder of the season. This is only fair in helping Constructors and reserve drivers wanting to race. Failure to complete half of the season races, entitles us to replace you from the league with a reserve.


Driver Transfers & Team Selection

Drivers will be allocated their car and teammates based on performance from last season, drivers will no longer be chosing their own cars or teammates. This method is based on the higher turnover of drivers through a season and the sheer volume of drivers we have to do admin for and chase up. We know this might disappoint some, but the constructors have rarely been close, so with our ranking system we hope to make it closer then ever at the front, realistic and based on true performances.

PS4 Tiers –

Drivers will be rank all 20 drivers in each tier by A.B.C coeffcient. A RANKING – Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull . B RANKING -Renault, Mclaren, Haas. C RANKING – , Force India, Toro Rosso, Sauber, Williams. So if you were a title challenge in ILR3.. youre likely going to be ranked in A… meaning you will be in the top ranked cars and be teamed up with a driver of similar ability. If you have just come up to the tier or struggled last season (finished 16th) , you are likely to be ranked C, meaning you will most likely be in a Williams or Toro Rosso.

Xbox Tiers –

TT Times ranking system.


Race / Social Media etiquette

If you are in game chat, shouting, name-calling and generally speaking rudely is not acceptable. Drivers who are a disruptive influence on the lobby atmosphere will be penalised accordingly, or in extreme cases removed from the league. This goes for drivers group chats and also any exchanges on live stream or on twitter posts associated with Inside Line Racing League.

Respect the other drivers. Keep a friendly atmosphere in the race lobby and treat your fellow drivers as equals, regardless of them being quicker or slower than you.

Respect the League Coordinator. Listen if he is giving a message, and accept the decisions he makes. If you feel any actions/decisions are wrong, address the issue calmly and maturely. Coordinators’ decisions are final within the lobby, but may be reviewed later if you feel an error has been made. Please accept that making a call instantly can be tricky and the Coordinator, even if participating in the race, is expected to be entirely neutral.

If you are involved in an on-track incident, don’t overreact. It may be frustrating, but you need to stay calm and get on with it. Losing out due to another driver’s mistake or recklessness is no excuse for retaliation or acting against the rules.

If another driver does something you feel is against the rules, report it to the Stewards after the race rather than argue about it over the voice chat.

If you are having a bad race, don’t act foolishly. As a driver, you have to accept that some races will be better than others and you can’t always have it your way.


Social Media / interaction with drivers away from the race track

We at Inside Line Racing are strongly against any abuse, name calling, bullying, sexist or any racial comments and will be operated with zero tolerance. Calling it a ‘joke’ won’t work and we take these matters very seriously. This can be violated in group chats, private messages towards other drivers and on public social media platforms. This includes anything directed  towards drivers, admins, the owners. What we deem abusive, unhelpful or difficult behaviour is at the discretion of the admins.

If you are a driver for ILR you are expected to represent the league in the correct manner and be a supportive member of the community.

If you have ILR displayed on your social media or in gamer tags that comes with a responsibility to show maturity and behave in a socially acceptable way. If we deem any actions to be distasteful content or comments, hurtful, abusive remarks or actions in any form then we have the right to remove you from the league and will be reported to any other leagues/ eSports teams you may be a part of.



All drivers have to ensure that they are recording the entire race. The footage can be used for incidents and uploading to YouTube/Twitter for our stewards to be submitted to the forum for review.

Deliberately quitting the race in any way – whether that is by quitting through the pause menu, getting yourself disqualified or deliberately crashing your car – is not allowed, unless you have a very good reason to do so. Accepted reasons for quitting could be that you are a danger to other drivers on track due to poor driving or connection issues. Quitting due to being angry at something – rage-quitting, in other words – is not a good enough reason. If this happens multiple times you will lose your seat. Respect the league, respect the drivers around you.

Lobby Issues –  host/tier admins have final say on race restarts and lobby hosting invites etc. If there are issues on the day of a race, they will liase with Head admins to discuss best way if needed forward, but they have a firm understanding of the rules and how to best judge an unexpected situation. For any lobby issues, mass lap 1 DNF’s glitches or disconnections, restarts will only be considered if less then 1/3 of the race is ran and it affects minimum 5-6 drivers at that 1 time (same lap) . We appreciate there can be issues with the game, peoples internet, PSN/Xbox and sometimes human error can come into play. We appreciate these incidents are unexpeceted and expect all drivers to respect the decision of the tier admins.

Driver Sign-up – If you have decided to sign up with us thats great! But if you do decided to leave mid-season or circumstances change / ‘need a break’ you will be blacklisted at the discretion of the league for the foreseebable future. We can’t have drivers coming and going as suits them, we need committed individuals long term. When you do sign up, you commit yourself to be available for at least 80% of the races in a season. We do review attendance and DNF % ratio at certain points during the season too. Full driver review will be conducted at the end of each season, which can result in losing a seat for the following season.

Post-race conversation – We know racing is a stressful time and people put in a lot of time into practicing, but incidents happen. People can say things they do not mean and arguments occur in the chat. Going forward if there is any foul language, abusive behaviour towards any driver then race bans will be handed out. Incidents are not allowed to be discussed in the group chats, its for the steward team to take care of. ILR condemns any level of aggressive behaviour and any form of bullying; we will be coming down hard this season on this sort of behaviour.


Specific rules for additional Racing Leagues


Le Mans – ILR Le Mans 

Race Settings –

20 Minutes Practice/Qualifying

2hr Race

Damage – Off

Failures – Off.

Weather – Dry

Tyre wear – On

Fuel – On

If in a lower class – LMP2 or GTLM Cars are not expected to move out of the way of other cars like Formula 1 blue flag regulation. But there must be a respect and common sense used if you’re being lap to allow the quicker driver through.

LMP1 cars must attempt to pass safely when there is space to do so. It should be noted however, that slower drivers cannot just turn in on an LMP1 driver if they are alongside them. Common sense must be used at all times.

Intra-class lapping follows normal blue flag rules, if a faster car is approaching you and is a lap ahead, you must move over and let them by as soon as it is safe to do so. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in disqualification.

If you are going faster than a car that has lapped you, do not attempt to unlap yourself unless it is safe to do so and doesn’t hinder the car in front.

Pit stops

You cannot enter the pit lane at full racing speed , proceed to slow down correctly for pit entry.

You will have to make a pit stop in these races, potentially several. Be aware of your cars fuel consumption and tyre wear.

Rolling starts

Every race will begin via a rolling start. Once the grid nears the end of the formation lap, the leader will slow down the pace to and the cars will line up double file. Then, as soon as you cross the start/finish line, the race will begin and overtaking can occur. Due to the chicane before the start-straight no overtaking is permitted until after the start finish line, due to high chance of an accident. Please be patient, it’s a long race.

Night time driving

If you’re involved in an accident which damages your headlight you have to pit on that lap to get it repaired. If you continue to race without headlights you will be DSQ.

It’s quite well known and common for drivers to use their headlights to allow cars to pass or signal to slower cars to let them through. It can be a good way of communicating and reducing incidents.

Game Chat

Due to it being a long race, and communication could be key at times with other drivers, we suggest using the game chat with all drivers on the grid. It’s not mandatory however. If using game chat, no abuse or insulting comments are allowed. You will be kicked from the league.


GT Sport

Race Settings and Rules Specific to ILRGT

ILRGT Rules and Guidelines

Drivers must run in the same car and livery all season. No exceptions. Any changes must be approved by ILR Admins, but only in exceptional circumstances.

We are quite relaxed on livery and looking for creative ideas, but all drivers/teams must submit their liveries for the upcoming season for approval before racing.

There will be no constructor’s championship, but drivers are allowed to run under a team name that is often seen in WEC/FIA eSports. Each team can have up to 3 drivers representing in ILRGT community.

The lobby host will inform the drivers in the twitter group chat when the lobby is live (approx. 6.40pm GMT). He will inform the drivers of the lobby name, once in lobby drivers have until Race Settings and Rules Specific to ILRGT

Lobbies will be set to friend only. So it’s at the discretion of the driver to join lobby. If there is any issues, message ILR admins or the lobby host themselves. They will be clearly identified for each race.

Lobby host must give a 5 minute warning before the race starts. This can be done within the lobby game chat.

Drivers must obey ILR league etiquette and rules similar to that of the Formula tiers.

Any incidents drivers wish to be investigated must be sent to our steward team on our website forum



Every round is opened for a full week (00:00 Monday – 23:30 Sunday) which gives the drivers plenty of time to complete the rallies. The participants are free to complete their stages all throughout the week.

Points system will be as followed – 

WEC – FIA points system

1st  25 Points

2nd 18

3rd  15

4th  12

5th  10

6th  8

7th  6

8th  4

9th  2

10th 1

Each rally will now include a bonus 6 stage (Sprint Stage) which bonus points can be scored on this stage alone and go towards your final points total for each individual rally.

1st – 10 Pts , 2nd -8Pts , 3rd – 6Pts, 4th – 5Pts, 5th – 4Pts, 6th – 3Pts, 7th – 2Pts and 8th – 1Pts 


Day/Time: Every round is opened for a full week (00:00 Monday – 23:30 Sunday) which gives the drivers plenty of time to complete the rallies. The participants are free to complete their stages all throughout the week.

Car Choice: For this season, the Modern Championship drivers have any* of the R5 cars

  • Ford Fiesta R5

  • Peugeot 208

  • Mitsubishi Space Star

*The Hyundai i20 R5 has been disallowed

Rally format: Each rally consists of 6 stages. Season is also 5 rounds long. Locations TBC

 Day/time: Every round is opened for a full week (00:00 Monday – 23:45 Sunday) which gives the drivers plenty of time to complete the rallies.

Assists – Allowed

Penalties – Time penalties are generally taken care of by the game. Any kind of penalty time added by the game will stand.

Participation – If you are unable to attend a rally, you have to give notice for your absence before the rally ends. Inform ILR league twitter account

Other Information:

Restarts: No

Career Engineers: No

Owned Cars: No

Setups: Yes

Allowed Service: Every one/two stages, at the service you’re also able to save and quit – This means you do not have to do all six stages in one go.